Holiday pics

Below: Alnwick Castle. This was a very impressive castle and the state rooms inside were beautiful. There are huge grounds outside and lots to see and do on site including visiting the Poison Garden which was pretty interesting because a castle guide teaches you about the various poisonous plants and trees within the garden plus the superstitions behind many of them. This castle was used in the filming of one of the Harry Potter films (but not sure which not being a Harry Potter fan myself). Second picture down is a little entrance into a gardener's courtyard. Below that is a piccy taken in the Bamboo Maze (fab for little kids and older kids too)! The waterfall in the picture below the Bamboo Maze had different settings and would spout various jets of water into the air and you could get soaked if you were in the way! This is a new attraction in the castle grounds and it looks pretty spectacular standing either above it looking down or below looking up. The bottom picture is the Tree House which houses a fabulous restaurant with a real log fire. Really unusual and interesting to look at as the restaurant has lots of entangled leafy tree branches inside and looks truly amazing from every corner inside. There are also a couple of rope bridges surrounding the tree house outside for those with a strong stomach for heights to venture across - I dared to venture across myself but would not recommend anyone crosses it in heels. I'm just glad hubby encouraged me to wear flat shoes that day 'cos I was going to wear high, narrow healed boots!

Below: Lindisfarne Priory. First piccy is the entrance to the priory; Second picture is the church at the priory and the piccy below that is the Rainbow Arch.

Below: Driving across the causeway towards Lindisfarne Castle and OOPS! Got wet in the process (or at least the car did). Third photo down is the hill down from the castle and the 2 below that are pictures of the entrance and stairway to and from the castle. Photos inside the caste are forbidden. That applied to all the castles we visited unfortunately.

Below: One of my favourite sunset snaps... We were really fortunate with the weather because it was sunny and warm during the days and the sunsets in the evenings were quite spectacular.

Below: The ruins of Kelso Abbey. This was a really beautiful site to visit and I loved taking snaps of this stunning old historic building...

Below: Pictures of Norham Castle. The bottom picture is how Norham Castle would have looked in it's complete state.

Below: Banburgh Castle (I loved this castle - it is well worth a visit if you are ever in the area as some of the interior rooms are amazing - especially the Halls). Also a photo of the view looking out to sea from one of the castle wall windows. Stunning location.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my piccy's. I have loads more but these are the ones I thought I would share.