Blogger Award

Mad Moose from 'The Little Land of Me' left me this blog award...
Here's what I have to do:
1 Post a link back to the person who sent me this award - done :D
2 Post 7 interesting facts about me:
3 Send this award on to another 7 favourite blog sites and say why:
7 facts about me:
1 I used to be hyper superstitious - that is until I became a Christian on Friday 13th 1986 (and that instantly put paid to that!)
2 I studied in Bible college in Edinburgh in 1986 to train as a missionary but Someone higher had other plans and I am now working as a civil servant!
3 I am related to the late Dr David Livingstone (missionary to Africa), Lulu (Scottish Singer), and Jane Seymour (actress).
4 I was engaged at 18 - broke off the engagement shortly afterwards and met and married my ex-fiance 15 years later!
5 I'm ambidextrous ;D
6 I've NEVER been abroad (honest)!
7 I played the last surviving child in the film 'The Massacre of Glencoe' and sat on the lead actor's knee (i.e. the late James Robertson Justice from the Carry On films). I was 7 at the time.

7 of my favourite blogs and why (there are loads more but most of these girls have been around since Digital Doodling started and have been a real encouragement to me)...
1 Mandy - fab designs and lovely lass (very helpful and encouraging)
2 Liz - once again fab designs and love and attention goes into her cards
3 Lori - more fab designs and lovely lass
4 Aunty Sue - lovely designs and always an encourager
5 Anneke - Fab designs (love what Anneke produces - always something different)
6 Dianne - Another great lass; fab designs and great encourager
7 Rachel - I think Rachel is one to watch as at the tender age of 14 - she is one of the most talented papercrafters I have the privilege of meeting online.
Thanks for the award mad moose :D